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  Do any of the following apply to you?
Are you functioning pretty well in your life yet remain unsatisfied and lacking in energy, inspiration and vitality?
  Have you tried traditional therapies only to find that your problems persist?
  Are you highly critical of yourself, your life, others and view yourself as an improvement project?
  Have you forgotten to factor yourself into your very own life?

Karen Thompson, Ph.D.

Hi, I am Dr. Karen Thompson, psychologist, conscious living coach and founder of The Conscious Living Center of Texas. I work with clients who are creative, bright and psychologically-minded yet still struggle with creating the results they most desire in their lives. Many have had a recycling of disappointment in one or more of what I call the big three: LOVE, MONEY and/or INNER PEACE AND HARMONY. My clients are open to learning and are willing to learn and do whatever it takes to create the life they truly desire. If this sounds like you, WELCOME! Click here to learn more about Dr. Karen Thompson.

  I Can Help You To
  Replace efforting with ease
  Enjoy and sustain genuine loving relationships
  Begin to trust in yourself again
  Learn to really love yourself
  End the recycling of your central repeating patterns
  Manifest what you most desire in your life

How I Can Assist You


Teleconference Coaching Groups

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  Individual, Couples and Family Counseling/Coaching Sessions

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Workshops and Events

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  Conscious Living and Loving Videos

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Public Speaking Engagements

I am available for public speaking engagements in which I will share on a variety of topics related to Conscious Living and Loving. Click here to learn more.


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Testimonials and Appreciations

Working with Karen for the last few months has helped me to move beyond and repair some of my setbacks from the past and to create the present and future that I desire. I’ve learned how to speak the truth about what I really want in life and make this clear to myself and other people. I have recently manifested the “perfect job” and now I am happy to say that I am fully living out my dreams.

Kimberly, Austin


"Your e-newsletter is just spectacular. I have only moments to zip through email and I always skim/read yours. Today I read it in its entirety cause I couldn't stop!"  

Jennifer, Philadelphia


I have been to several therapists and this is the first time I learned something applicable, something that was easy to use in my daily life.

Liz, Austin

  Karen is a gift! Her guidance always comes from a place of truth and love. For me, Karen's positive and playful energy create a space in which it feels safe to explore new possibilities. She offers feedback while honoring a person's unique experience. I am so grateful to her.

Carolyn, Austin

When I met Karen, I was in a sad place and I couldn't imagine myself happy outside of what I had just lost. Over the course of meeting and sharing with her, and with the Learning to Love Yourself Group she hosted, I slowly gained back my love for myself, my sense of humor, my appreciation for my surroundings and my blessings. It was VERY up and down for awhile but in retrospect, I can see now how at each peak I moved closer and closer to what I wanted more than anything: a meaningful and intimate relationship with a man whom I love and who loves me back, who makes me feel good, who appreciates me, and whom I am proud of. That is seriously what Karen helped me "order" one day during a group session. Though I went on many dates and experienced several true disappointments, today, I am with a man who is everything I ordered and more. We completely adore each other and there are no doubts.

Betsy, Austin


Karen is more than just a therapist. She provides a place where we can be our true selves, work on our relationship, and feel safe. We look forward to our meetings knowing that when we are having our relationship troubles she helps us and when thigs are good she assists in making things even better. We have noticed a big difference both in our relationship and in how we live our lives since we started working with Karen. We better understand each other and ourselves, and that helps us live our lives the way we want to rather than as victims of circumstance. We plan to work with her for a long time and continue to grow and learn!

Matt and Brandy, Austin


Thank you karen. I appreciate your commitment to helping me get on the right path. I had a really good day after our discussion. I feel empowered suddenly just for simply being honest with you and myself by revealing my shadows. Perhaps the most productive day i have encountered in a very long time. Peace out!

Dianne, Austin




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